• Epilogue 1.4 has been released for iOS. It features a new Goals tab to keep track of your reading goals. When you blog about a book, Micro.blog will notice it and update the progress toward your goal for that year.

    Screenshot of reading goals list Screenshot of edit goals

  • Interested in trying the latest beta of Epilogue? We’re testing a new version for iOS with a Discover tab, to find books people are blogging about.

  • Epilogue for Android has been updated in Google Play with the same design improvements we rolled out on iOS, bringing both platforms more in sync.

  • We’ve updated the App Store with new screenshots for the latest version of Epilogue.

  • Epilogue 1.1 for iOS now available in the App Store!

  • Epilogue is being rewritten for version 1.1, so the code repository will be a little jumbled until the new version ships. Here’s a sneak peek at the next version:

  • Want to see how Epilogue works under the hood or contribute changes? It’s built mostly with HTML and JavaScript. Check out the “Web” folder on GitHub.

  • Version 1.0.1 is now available for iOS, mostly fixing some display glitches. It also adds swiping back from the book details page.

  • Epilogue for iOS has been approved and is now in the App Store. New for 1.0 on iOS is Sign In with Apple so it’s easy to get started.

  • Screenshots of 1.0.

  • Epilogue 1.0 for Android is now available in Google Play! Still in public beta for iOS, and you can get in the TestFlight beta here.

  • Epilogue is a companion app for Micro.blog. It uses Micro.blog’s bookshelves to help you track what books you are reading or want to read. You can blog about a book directly from Epilogue.

    See this blog post for the announcement about Epilogue.

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